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Proteus 8.11 is an electronic simulation software and a very cool PCB design. in addition proteus 8 can also make pcb design that we make into 3D files such as Step or Iges.

I give you this proteus 8.11 link for you guys to use learning instead of commercial. so if later asked for responsibility please take responsibility for each.

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Here are some examples of PCB designs that I have created using Proteus 8 software.

  1. Download PCB Design ESP32 4 Chanel Relay Output AC
  2. PCB Design Alarm Module mp3 ESP32 (Prayer Schedule, School Bell)
  3. Download PCB Design Seven Segment 1.2 inch Proteus 8
  4. Download PCB Design Arduino and NodeMCU Proteus 8
  5. Free Download PCB NodeMCU RFID Relay Design
  6. Free Download PCB Design Dot Matrix 32×8 Max7219 + Wemos Mini ESP8266 + RTC DS3231
  7. Creating the PCB Esp32-CAM Proteus Library 8
  8. Download Library ESP8266 NodeMCU/ESP-01/Wemos D1 Mini proteus 8
  9. Download PCB ESP-01 Relay and ESP-01 UPLOADER FTDI
  10. Design PCB, Sismin Atmega 328 / 8 Arduino
  11. Design PCB, Shield Driver Motor L293D
  12. Download Schematic Files and Layout PCB Sismin Atmega16 / Atmega32 Proteus8 Ares

It’s easy to install proteus 8.11 because there are no steps to make cracks or patches of it. just click run as administrator then and next next aja finished.

Here I provide a download link proteus 8.11, and if you find it useful please share this link to social media such as wa, facebook and others.

Proteus 8.11 free download


Dwonload Carck

Hopefully what I share is useful, and greetings


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